How to Choose Your Niche?
Why is it important?

To be successful as a model on OnlyFans, you must understand what you are good at and what works for you.
All different.
What turns you on might suck for someone else.
You may have seen models with super large and (obviously edited ...) exaggerated body parts that are completely unreal.
BUT, this is someone's fetish and this is this girl's audience.
These people may not be your audience, there are many target audiences for everyone, including you. And you don't have to turn into one of those girls with ridiculous and unrealistic characteristics.

Choosing the right niche

Three things you need to understand if you want to create bombastic content that people find sexy and intriguing:
1.You, your desires and boundaries.
2. The audience you want to attract.
3. Making you feel sexy and comfortable.
Your first step to success is to focus on yourself.
Know what you are willing to try and what you are not. What are you good at? Do you feel comfortable filming with someone, making custom, doing everything yourself, posting only photos and pre-shot videos, or a combination of all of these?
You are likely to receive requests from followers you think are crazy, depending on your moral and personal boundaries.
For example, you may be asked for scat and this is NOT OK for you at all, but maybe you will be asked for pussy play and you are OK to do it.

Your target audience

You need to know your target audience.
What turns them on, how to tease them, why do they come to you at all, etc.
If you want to learn how to "lure" them and satisfy their needs with your content, there is no other way.
But even then, it is very important that you only do what makes you feel sexy and comfortable.
If close-ups of your body parts or more hardcore porn makes you feel humiliated and used or less of a lady, then you shouldn't.
Your content on OnlyFans should be your first choice, and then your followers will also like it.

Your journey

At the very beginning of your journey, make only content that is comfortable for you, and then move on to what you are "ready to try". Many buyers of your content will accompany you throughout your journey.
If you decide to download super crazy content right in the beginning ... you will have a hard time keeping up with the demands of your fans who always want to see "more".
But your main audience will grow and stay with you throughout your journey if you start with what you feel most comfortable with.
Therefore, when you start your journey at OnlyFans, it is a good idea to list all the types of porn you love; what do you love to do when you masturbate and stuff like that.
Then make a table with columns with different options for what content you will do, where, in what outfit and other details.
Finally, use this list to plan your content and you will never run out of content ideas.

Niche types

There are tons of different niches and niche combinations you can roll into.
And yes, you can be successful in just about any niche.
But it is also true that some niches have larger potential audiences and are better monetized.
Remember, you have to work for your target audience.
You have "your own atmosphere" here - promote it.
The niche you are targeting should be reflected in your bio, avatar, hat photo, etc.
Now let's explore some popular niches for ideas and inspiration.


Think of the "regular girl next door".
With this niche, you emphasize that you are a normal, ordinary girl who goes about your day to day activities.
All you need for this niche is a phone with a good camera, good angles ... and real orgasms definitely won't hurt!
You are offering a realistic amateur experience - it's about authenticity.
That's why you don't need fancy cameras, professional lighting, or props.
Special underwear and other tools are also not needed.

Pretty porn

Many girls are drawn to this niche.
When you make "beautiful porn" you want to create a wow effect.
A good camera and phone from the older model is the bare minimum, but the best camera and lighting will be useful in this niche.
To create content, you need to think about different angles, HD shots, beautiful lingerie and costumes. Your makeup, background, setup (light, camera, etc.) should also be up to par.
Dudes interested in this niche are looking for beauty and stunning visuals (not only for the model itself, but also for the environment).
Photo editing and apps like FaceApp are essential tools in your suite.


The main attraction for content creators in this niche is their "innocence". It is this "innocent look" that dudes are looking for in this niche.
Girls in this niche know how to radiate an innocent vibe and become desirable to their audience.
Many models in this niche do "My first * something *" or "My first * some * video", but others can do more conventional hardcore stuff too.
You can probably just tease your audience if you have a good enough fanbase in this niche.


Models in this niche are doing more daring things.
For example sex, masturbation and flashing in public, etc.
They usually attract people who get aroused by public masturbation or even flutter from one of your breasts or pussy in a public place.
Dudes in this niche enjoy the thrill, excitement and "prank" of this type of content.
To experiment in this niche, you don't have to walk naked along the main street of your city at noon;) It is enough to bare your breasts for a second in a cafe, even in a car, and take a selfie - subscribers will also highly appreciate such innocent pranks.
General recommendation - if you like teasing guys with your looks, like the feeling of "hidden publicity", then you shouldn't forget about this niche. After all, as we advised earlier, the most important thing is that your content and the process of its creation are liked by you first of all.


Audiences that are attracted to bimbo love the fact that girls like these are kind of expensive, demanding, cute and doll-like looking, but at the same time look fucking fake and plastic.
You are not mistaken, bimbos are beautiful, but they look very "plastic" and "fake" in appearance, because that is what their audience wants.
They love luxury goods and expensive items (Gucci, Fendi, etc.), these clothes and accessories are present in their content.
You will 100% find these items in their Amazon wishlist, which is linked in their bio. They are bought by their fans as gifts.
If you choose this niche, you have to get creative, know how to look expensive and doll-like.


This is a very huge niche with many sub-niches.
In this niche there are both very pretty (that is, they have great visuals). This is "Goddess", a type of domina who is very beautiful, young and "daring". The same is true for other dominos - tall and strong, not so stereotypically "beautiful" or young.
In this niche, you will find non-nude ladies who are well versed in manipulation and psychology.
Some people know how to tease and laugh at men.
Someone undresses, some do not.
Since viewers in this category love to be exploited, dominos tend to have high prices.
Part of the game here is getting your fans to spend as much money on you as possible, buying you gifts ... and then getting them to brag about how much money they are spending on you.
This is a great niche with a lot of potential.

The dorky girl next door

You have a sense of humor, hobbies, and other things going on in your life.
You watch the same TV shows as your audience.
Your fans are attracted to you by your personality in the same way that they are attracted to you externally.
You like to sit back and have fun, maybe you are, or considered "your" in the company of guys.
Obviously, this niche is not suitable for everyone and some of the things should be real.
But if you can pull that out and combine with one or more of the other niches from this guide, then you can make a million trillion)


It is not clear from your appearance whether you are over 18 years old or not.
Judging by your behavior and the way you look, you definitely won't get 18, but maybe 15.
The image of a schoolgirl-seductress, modest on the outside, but slutty on the inside, haunts many men.
If your appearance fits this type and if you really like to sometimes act like a little girl who needs the care and attention of a "dad" - perhaps this is the niche for you.
Look in the closet for your school dress with a short skirt, from under which little panties will be visible at times - and off you go)
For obvious reasons, Lolitas are very popular with subscribers. Also, this look is well combined with images from Japanese anime in all their variety.

Other niches

There are many other niches you can work in (and of course we haven't even discussed "natural" niches like BBW, tall, short, old, etc.).
MILF Pretty obvious, this niche exploits the typical male fantasy of a slutty mature housewife.
College slut Again ... this niche exploits the typical male fantasy of an equally depraved, but, on the contrary, young student.
Athletic / Yogi babe A combination of fitness and erotic content with a focus on fitness / yoga.
Art heaux Artistic content, exotic dances, "sensual", "soulful" look and feelings.
Gamer girl Very popular niche: Twitch streams, cosplay, etc.
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