Modeling Agency
Services for the comprehensive promotion of Onlyfans bloggers from Eastern Europe
Modeling Agency
Services for the comprehensive promotion of Onlyfans bloggers from Eastern Europe
67 models
from different countries are cooperating with us now
is the average income of our model per month
over €1000
is the model's income from the second month of cooperation with us
Who is the Onlyfans Model?
This is NOT a webcam
Onlyfans models do not put on any real-time video camera shows. Onlyfans is completely different.
Onlyfans = Instagram + $
Onlyfans is most like Instagram BUT with paid access: followers pay money to see photos and videos of the model.
More popular model has more followers and income. 90% of subscribers are from Europe and the USA. For the confidentiality of the model, we can hide access to her account from her country.
Professional team
There are a lot of beautiful girls. Strategy and investment in advertising are needed to promote a model's account. There is our job.
Send Us Your Casting Application Form
Be sure to write down your account on any social network (for example, Facebook or Instagram) OR upload your photos/videos to this form
Upload your photos (min 3 pieces) and/or videos (required if you did not specify any of your accounts in social networks)
Sending this you consent to the processing of personal data and agree to our privacy policy.
What are Our Goals
  • 1
    Model positioning
    Onlyfans is very competitive: thousands of models are trying to sell their photos and videos. Therefore, the appearance of the model and the frankness of the content do not really matter. Originality and honesty are important: the content should match the appearance and character of the model as much as possible. We call this "role" and help you find it. As a result, even those of our models whose appearance is far from the stereotyped beauty standards earn more than many professional actresses and Instagram bloggers.
  • 2
    Model promotion
    If you have an Instagram or Youtube account with several tens or hundreds of thousands of followers, it will greatly help you get promoted on Onlyfans. If not, then you need to invest in promotion. We undertake all financial investments - so that you become popular and start earning faster.
  • 3
    Setting up and management of model's Onlyfans account
    Even if you are already popular on Instagram, then without proper account management with Onlyfans, you will earn several times less than you could. Some content should be given for free, some should be sold, and some should be sold at a very high price. Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the Onlyfans audience, we set up and manage our models' accounts so that each account brings the maximum income.
  • 4
    Communication with followers 24/7
    We work only with an English-speaking audience, mainly from Europe, the USA and Canada, since this audience is the most solvent. Followers often write to models, and our staff communicates with them 24/7 on behalf of the models in English. This communication turns followers into loyal fans and allows us to sell them photos and videos of our models at the highest possible prices.
  • 5
    We work with audiences from Europe, the USA and Canada and manage your account for these countries. If you want your compatriots to be unable to find your account on Onlyfans or see its content, we can configure your account so that it is completely hidden from citizens of one or several countries.
Interaction of Our Models with Us
Prepares content corresponding to the chosen role: photos (60-100 per month) and short videos (10-20 per month, lasting 10 seconds-1 minute). Everyday photo/video, in underwear, professional, cosplay, light erotica and erotica depending on the role of the model. Erotic photos may be hidden and just sent individually to the followers who bought them.
Initially, existing photo/video models can be used if they have not been published anywhere before. Content must be exclusive, this is a prerequisite.
Next, the model should prepare a photo/video in advance so that it will last at least 2 future weeks.
In the beginning, creating content can be time-consuming, but models quickly learn and soon prepare content for 2-4 future weeks in a few days.
That's all. We undertake the rest.
1. We conduct an online casting with a model in order to determine the role that will be most suitable for her and at the same time in demand among potential followers.
2. We set up the model's account on Onlyfans: we create grids of free and paid tariffs, a "tip" policy, prices for individually sold content.
3. We fill the account with content: we post part of the photo/video on the model's page every day to increase the interest of followers, we publish part of it in a paid access or sell it to followers individually.
4. We conclude an official contract with the model.
5. We promote the model on the Internet: conducting an advertising campaign, partner programs, etc.
6. We communicate daily with followers to increase their interest and profitability of the account.
How to Become a Model of Our Agency?
  • 1
    You are over 18 years old
  • 2
    You have prepared an initial portfolio
    For the initial casting, you need to fill out a form with information about you and add a portfolio of 8-9 of your photos and 1-2 videos to it. You can see examples of photos below on this page.
  • 3
    The most important traits are shamelessness and purposefulness
    The main income of the Onlyfans model comes from the sale of erotic content. Pornography is not necessary but just lifestyle photos will not be enough.
    New photos and videos need to be taken every month. The promotion of a new model does not happen instantly. Our models start to receive €1000-3000 euros income per month already from 2-3 months of work, and further, with the growth of your popularity, it will grow also. But this will not happen tomorrow or in a week - you must be ready for a systematic monthly work.
  • 4
    Ready? So let's get it started!
    Use the special form to send us your data. If this interests us, we will answer you and schedule an online casting.
    All interaction with us takes place remotely via the Internet. It doesn't matter to us which country and which city you are in. You don't need to go anywhere, the work schedule is free. Your job is to provide us with content, we do the rest.
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